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About ChickenPOP


About the Game

A Physics-Based Ragdoll Bouncer

ChickenPOP is a game where you launch a chicken (or other unlockable animals) from a cannon and use bubbles to bounce them ever higher to get the best score in the world. Classic game lovers will appreciate the low-poly graphics style of this game.

The game utilizes ragdoll physics for a unique and hilarious experience as your animal of choice is bounced all over the screen. You will encounter enemies and obstacles of all kinds as you progress through the game. Difficulty and gameplay changes the higher you go, with each zone presenting an experience unqiue from the last.


Features in the Game

Share Direct to Social Media

ChickenPOP has integrated Facebook and Twitter support. You can share directly to your social media from within the game to boast your new high score. The game will also post your score to integrated leaderboards for tracking of your global standings.

The game also has unlockable characters and features available through in-app purchase or acheivement unlocks. Purchases are fairly priced and there are no evil loot boxes.



About the Development of this Game

ChickenPOP was created using the Unity3d game engine. The game was soley developed by Lucky Smith, part time, over roughly 8 months. This includes all modelling, animation, programming and design. It does not include the creation of music and sound, which are credited separately in the game.

To contact Lucky for interviews or promotional information please use the contact form below.



About Slidesoft


Slidesoft LLC, was founded by Lucky Smith in 2017 and is based in Florida, USA. The goal of the company was to make professional quality mobile games. Slidesoft also provides consulting services for software development projects.

ChickenPOP is Slidesoft's first commercial release. The game was released on Google Play and Apple's App Store.


Lucky Smith attended Full Sail University for the Game Design degree program. Lucky worked as a software developer and development team leader in the following years, specifically using VB.Net and Java web based development.

Lucky then decided to make a big career change and became a police officer. This adventure spanned 10 years and several different law enforcement agencies.

In 2017 Lucky decided it was time for another change. Lucky quit his career in law enforcement and started Slidesoft LLC to pursue his long ignored dreams of making video games.